Welcome to Austin Stay at Home Dads

New Members

There are four things we'd like you to read below. The only actions you need to do are to email the group your Biography, and put in your Database entry. The Biography is mandatory, and we ask you to do this within 2 weeks. If you don't do it, you'll get ejected, but can reapply for membership.


Can you tell us a little about yourself (kids names, ages, how long you've been a sahd, what you used to do for a career, hobbiess, approximately where you live (neighborhood is good), etc.)? Just post a message with the subject "Bio:yourname" on the Yahoo list. Use the subject "BIO:" for your post so future members can read about you, too. You can use the search feature to search for other bios.

Topics to consider:

  • Where did you work before the kids?
  • Are you working part-time now?
  • Any other home based business we can support?
  • What does your wife do?
  • Tell us about your kids?
  • What hobbies/activities do you (or did you before kids) enjoy?
  • How did you hear about Austin SAHDs?

    Off Topic List:

    We generally keep the AustinSAHD mailing fairly topical. The list is moderated, though no true screening takes place. Anything posted to the AustinSAHD list is related to group activities in particular, or parenting questions or advice in general. After months of demand from our dads, we have created an off-topic board which is much less defined. This is designed to be an "anything goes" list, still members only, where our members can discuss politics, religion, make jokes, etc. The goal is to provide a gathering of the minds for our dads, many of whom have become good friends off list.

    You can find this list at: [ASAHDSOT] on the yahoo groups site.


    The Yahoo group features polls. When a poll is called, please vote in it as your vote really counts!


    There is a contact list under "Database" where we list our kids, their birthdays, our spouses name, and our home address and phone number. This info is private (not viewable unless you are a member to the Yahoo Group). Please add an entry for yourself so we can contact you if there is a last minute change of plans. There is also a place to add a link to your homepage (or your kids homepage)
    After that, feel free to poke around the group, we also use the Database and the Photo Album functions.
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